Apply to ELCI

How to Apply

  • Submit UMD Undergraduate Application (for undergraduate students/conditional admission only) or UMD Graduate Application (for graduate students) 
  • Submit the English-only Application (English-only students) 
  • Submit scan of passport
  • Scans of official transcripts (only if applying for conditional admission)
  • Financial Certification Form (for students who attend ESL courses while in the U.S.):  

Conditional Admission Applicants

Intensive English + Admission to UMD 

If you have questions regarding applying to ELCI at UMD, please contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] 

Short-term and Custom-Design Programs

>> Short-term Study Registration Form

 Application Tips and Reminders

  • Students who need a visa to enter the United States must show proof of financial support.
  • Please review the Pre-Arrival Information to help you prepare for your program

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