Getting Involved

Getting Involved

Collaboration with faculty and staff on campus help make international education possible. Below are ways you can get involved in encouraging international education opportunities. Contact our office at any time and we look forward to working with you!

Classroom Presentations

Let us come to you! Study abroad alumni or staff can give a brief presentation about study abroad to your students. We'll share a little about our experiences, a few photos, and general information about how to get started. Interested? Or if you have 5 minutes, show this overview video!  Schedule a visit by filling out this form.


One of the most effective ways students learn about study abroad is hearing about it directly from faculty, staff, or advisors. We hope you're willing to recommend, encourage, and support these opportunities! We don't expect you to know all about study abroad, so please feel free to send students our way. Study Abroad 101 is the first step and is available every Tue. & Wed. at noon (a perfect session for interested students to attend). Students can also watch the Study Abroad 101 video if they are unable to attend the in-person session. If students want to talk with staff, there are also drop-in advising hours daily from 10–11 AM. Otherwise, students can visit our office at 138 Kirby Plaza (across from TCF bank and next to the coffee shop) and they can always talk with any of our peer advisors at the front desk.

Display Promotional Materials

We're happy to provide printed materials for you to display in your office or classrooms. To request promotional materials, contact Stephanie Bartsch.

Study Abroad Faculty Advisory Council

Charge to Faculty Advisory Council: 

  • Review and evaluate proposals for short-term faculty-led study abroad programs
  • Make recommendations and select programs to run 
  • Assess programs for a wide range of functions and aspects, including but not limited to academics, logistics, health, and safety, potential to meet enrollment goals, geographic and disciplinary representation, as well as other related factors 


  • Karl Markgraf (Chair), Director of International Programs and Services (IPS)
  • Lyndsey Andersen, Associate Director Study Abroad (IPS)
  • Steven Sternberg 2019-2022, SCSE
  • Jamie Ratliff 2020-2021, CLA 
  • Jennifer Gómez Menjívar 2019-2021, CLA
  • Ariuna Taivan 2019-2022, LSBE
  • Erin Peplenjak 2020–2023, CEHSP