UMD Global Engagement Mission  

The University of Minnesota Duluth integrates curricular, co-curricular, living and learning opportunities to prepare students as globally competent citizens; engages in research and creative activities that address worldwide issues, and creates mutually beneficial connections with global communities. 

Our Global Engagement Vision

The University of Minnesota Duluth strives to be a globally engaged university. UMD prepares interculturally and globally competent graduates, generates internationally recognized research and creative activities that address significant global issues and fosters public engagement that connects us with the world. In pursuing this vision, we will:

  • Educate students to have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to become globally and interculturally competent citizens
  • Create a campus that supports and values global and intercultural perspectives and that fosters social justice
  • Be a center of excellence for graduate programs that enhance the global and intercultural perspectives of students, faculty, and staff and meet critical universal needs
  • Establish research, scholarship, and creative activities worldwide
  • Contribute to meeting the educational, economic, and cultural needs of indigenous peoples globally
  • Connect locally and globally through strategic partnerships with other universities, community-based opportunities, and public service


UMD created a Strategic Plan for Comprehensive Internationalization as part of the American Council on Education Internationalization Laboratory from 2012–14. The work continues.