Develop a Faculty-led Study Abroad Program

Lead a Study Abroad Program

Leading a program abroad is both a challenging and rewarding experience! Successful international faculty-led programs result from a collaborative effort between the program leader, International Programs & Services (IPS), collegiate units, and departments. We find that students choose faculty-led programs as a way to incorporate study abroad without altering academic, professional, and personal responsibilities during their college careers. 

Our staff will support you in planning a faculty-led program abroad:

  • Program development support
  • Selecting a provider/partner for on-site services
  • Budgeting & setting the program fee
  • Marketing (web, digital, & print)
  • Student application process
  • Student orientation topics, resources, & support
  • Course set-up and student registration
  • Health, safety, and risk management training and planning

Get Started:

Attend a New Study Abroad Program Leader Workshop

  • Learn how to plan for and develop a faculty-led study abroad program. 
  • Discuss your program idea with IPS and identify areas where you have questions or need support.
  • Work with IPS to choose a provider/partner to assist you with on-site logistics. Your on-site provider can also serve as a "second program leader". This fulfills the UMN Education Abroad policy which can lower the program fee (details below).
  • Conduct a site visit to become familiar with your program location, on-site partner, and to perform a "test run" of your program. Funding is available through the University of Minnesota. Additionally, study abroad program providers and universities can assist with planning a site visit. They may also have funding and resources available.

Fall 2023 Workshop Details:

Study Abroad: New Program Leader Workshop
Thurs., Sept. 28, 12-1:30 pm
Gooseberry Falls Room (RDC 335, near Superior Dining)
Lunch provided (limited to 15 attendees)
Register by Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Program Providers & Partners

Faculty-led programs must work with a program provider or partner. These providers/partners provide on-site services, expertise, logistical arrangements, and on-site risk management support. Providers/partners can also serve as a second program leader, which adheres to the UMN Education Abroad Policy.

IPS has existing affiliate study abroad program providers. Explore their custom programming options:

Provider Criteria

Providers should be chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Knowledge of and experience in the location(s) to be visited
  • Ability to provide expertise, suggestions, and/or guest lecturer(s) for the academic area of your course and on-site activities
  • The reputation of services as evidenced by recommendations from other educational institutions
  • Understanding of U.S. safety protocols and the ability to provide safety and security guidance to participants
  • Transparency in financial arrangements
  • Disclosure of relationships with campus staff to avoid conflicts and ethics violations
  • Cost—recognizing that factors such as experience, expertise, and the provision of appropriate lodging, meals, safe transportation, etc., are often more important than lower cost


Study Abroad Faculty-led Program Proposal due dates:

  • Winter & spring break programs: December 1
  • May & summer session programs: April 1

We look forward to reviewing proposals each year. IPS and the Study Abroad Faculty Advisory Council review proposals. Program approval is competitive because of limited resources. IPS strives to offer a diverse portfolio of programs each year. Prior to proposing a program, please read our handbook.

A new Canvas site with resources for developing a study abroad program is availble and you will learn about it at the workshop.

Thank you for your interest and don't hesitate to reach out with questions.


Briana Litz, M.Ed.
Associate Director
[email protected]