Study Abroad

UMD students have a fantastic opportunity to study abroad and embark on an educational and personal experience of a lifetime. There are programs all over the globe, for any major. These opportunities are available for students to build new life skills and be better prepared for their roles and responsibilities as global citizens.

A variety of options are available to address the diverse needs of students. Programs vary in academic focus and rigor, teaching format, language requirements, cost, and degree of independence demanded of the participant. With proper planning, students in any undergraduate major can study abroad and fulfill degree requirements at the same time.

Program Options

  • Short-term (Faculty-led and independent summer programs)
  • Semester
  • Yearlong
  • Student Teaching 

Advising & Support Services

  • Program selection
  • Academic
  • Financial
  • Travel planning
  • Registration
  • Re-entry

Study Abroad student learning outcomes

By participating in a study abroad program students will:

  • Demonstrate self-confidence towards cultural experiences
  • Demonstrate awareness of one's own cultural values and biases
  • Demonstrate a global mindset and appreciation for cultural differences

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International Campus Involvement

Any student can participate, meet, and interact within our international community right on campus. The UMD Office of Diversity & Inclusion provides several resources for international and domestic students alike.

The campus International Club has a variety of activities throughout the year and encourages connections between domestic and international students while promoting interest in current events and contemporary world affairs.