Our Partnerships

Our Partnerships


International Programs and Services (IPS) supports the development and maintenance of various types of international and domestic partnerships. Partnerships are generally established on an institutional level.

  • Gold Pins: Domestic Partnerships
  • Maroon Pins: International Partnerships
  • Navy Pins: Study Abroad Programs


Many of our partnerships develop from faculty relationships.

Then more formal partnerships develop, encompassing a wide range of activities, such as: 

  • Student and faculty mobility
  • Dual degree programs
  • Joint research
  • Scholarship opportunities

International Programs and Services (IPS) is interested in working with faculty, staff, departments, and collegiate units to help develop partnerships. 

In all cases, partnerships require University resources beyond faculty or staff time. If you are interested in developing a partnership, please consult IPS staff for guidance and support.

Partnership Agreement Template Examples

To ensure compliance with University policies and procedures, IPS works directly with the University of Minnesota System Office of the General Counsel (OGC) on all partnership agreement templates. Examples of these templates include:

  1. Memorandum of understanding
  2. One-way sending agreement
  3. One-way receiving agreement (i.e. incoming students)
  4. Student exchange
  5. Student & faculty exchange
  6. Joint Research

The above templates are intended as guidelines and can be altered with approval from the OGC. Details outlining the terms of the agreement can either be embedded in the document or subsequently added as an addendum to the agreement. IPS staff will facilitate all necessary engagement with partner institutions and OGC staff.

UMD's Domestic Partnerships

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UMD's International Partnerships

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South Korea 




Study Abroad Programs

(Blue pins)

Exchange in Aguascalientes, Mexico - Panamericana University (UMD) (Exchange)  Aguascalientes Mexico
Exchange in Kalmar, Sweden - Linnaeus University (UMD) (Exchange)  Kalmar Sweden
Exchange in Lulea, Sweden - Lulea University of Technology (UMD) (Exchange)  Lulea Sweden
Exchange in Mexico City, Mexico - Panamericana University (UMD) (Exchange)  Mexico City Mexico
Exchange in Passau, Germany - University of Passau (UMD) (Exchange)  Passau Germany
Exchange in Puebla, Mexico - UPAEP (UMD) (Exchange) Puebla Mexico
Exchange in Umea, Sweden - Umea University (UMD) (Exchange)  Umea Sweden
Exchange in Vaxjo, Sweden - Linnaeus University (UMD) (Exchange)  Vaxjo Sweden
Study in Worcester, England - University of Worcester (UMD) Worcester United Kingdom
Exchange in Zagreb, Croatia - Zagreb School of Economics & Management (UMD) (Exchange) Zagreb Croatia
International Student Teaching in Croatia Zagreb Croatia
International Student Teaching in Slovenia Ljubljana Slovenia
Study in Aix-en-Provence, France - Aix Marseille University or IAU College (Cosponsored CEA) Aix-en-Provence France
Study in Barcelona, Spain - Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona (Cosponsored ASA) Barcelona Spain
Study in Bilbao, Spain - University of Deusto (UMD) Bilbao Spain
Study in Brisbane, Australia - Queensland University of Technology (Cosponsored TEAN) Brisbane Australia
Study in Buenos Aires, Argentina - University of Belgrano (Cosponsored ASA) Buenos Aires Argentina
Study in Christchurch, New Zealand - University of Canterbury (Cosponsored TEAN) Christchurch New Zealand
Study in Cusco, Peru - Universidad de Salamanca Cursos Internacionales en Cusco (Cosponsored ISA) Cusco Peru
Study in Dublin, Ireland - University College Dublin (UMD) Dublin Ireland
Study in Florence, Italy - Lorenzo de Medici (Cosponsored API) Florence Italy
Study in Galway, Ireland - NUI Galway (UMD) Galway Ireland
Study in Hamilton, New Zealand - University of Waikato (UMD) Hamilton New Zealand
Study in Lima, Peru - Pontifica Universidad Catolica Del Peru or Universidad del Pacifico (Cosponsored ISA) Lima Peru
Study in London, England - London South Bank University (Cosponsored ASA) London United Kingdom
Study in Madrid, Spain - Universidad Antonio de Nebrija (ISA) Madrid Spain
Study in Perth, Australia - Curtin University (UMD) Perth Australia
Study in Prague, Czech Republic - Charles University or University of Economics Prague (Cosponsored ISA) Prague Czech Republic
Study in Rome, Italy - John Cabot University (Cosponsored API) Rome Italy
Study in San Jose, Costa Rica - Universidad Veritas (Cosponsored ISA) San Jose Costa Rica
Study in Seoul, South Korea - Korea University (Cosponsored TEAN) Seoul South Korea
Study in Stellenbosch, South Africa (Cosponsored USAC) Stellenbosch South Africa
Study in Stirling, Scotland (UMD) Stirling United Kingdom
Study in Valparaiso, Chile - Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso (Cosponsored ISA) Valparaiso Chile
Study in Vina Del Mar, Chile - Universidad Adolfo Ibanez (Cosponsored ISA) Vina del Mar Chile
Summer in Bengaluru, India (Cosponsored USAC) Bengaluru India
Summer in Kalmar, Sweden Kalmar Sweden
Summer in Limerick, Ireland Limerick Ireland
Summer in Lüneburg, Germany (Cosponsored USAC) Luneburg Germany
Summer in Puebla, Mexico Puebla Mexico
Summer in Stellenbosch, South Africa (Cosponsored USAC) Stellenbosch South Africa
Summer in Stirling, Scotland - University of Stirling (UMD) Stirling United Kingdom
Summer in Zagreb, Croatia Zagreb Croatia


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